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Do you have a residence permit or will you get one shortly? And would like to get started in your new homeland? The form on this page allows you to fill your education, previous work experience and talents. Because we have contact with many interesting employers, it is likely that there is a job that's right for you. Based on your interests and experience we will match you with jobs in our database.

Create a profile

Joining is completely free of charge. You can apply by filling in the registration form. You will automatically receive a login code. With this code you can create your profile in a few steps.

Map out your skills and limitations

You start with your skills and qualities; then you proceed with your education and work experience. Once you've done that, you can fill in some information about your life: in which areas do you experience limitations? Based on what you enter here, you will get additional questions, tips and actions you can take.

If you have finished filling in the forms, you have made your resume and you can look for jobs with the push of a button. Once you've filled in your profile (you can always update ofcourse) you can see the vacancies. You can also receive more tips on your resume, writing a letter and conducting a job interview. On your homepage you will find messages that are interesting to you.

Get tips for finding a job

Matches on a job can take place in two ways: on the platform itself and outside the platform. There are three types of jobs: jobs from employers who have registered themselves on the platform, vacancies from employers who are not on the platform but say they are open to you and vacancies from employers that match your profile but which the employer did not specify open to anyone with a disability. You will receive information on all these jobs, once you’re matched. You can then decide which jobs you want to respond to or not. Your coach can help you with that if you want.

You decide who can see you profile

De informatie die je in je profiel stopt, is en blijft van jezelf. Als je niet wilt dat iemand mee kijkt, dan hoeft dat niet. Je kunt wel een begeleider aan jezelf koppelen: bijvoorbeeld iemand van het bureau dat je begeleidt; deze geef je dan toestemming met je mee te kijken en je te helpen als je dat wilt. Je kunt ook een supporter uitnodigen; iemand uit je omgeving die je vertrouwt. Dat is aan jou. Je gegevens worden veilig opgeslagen en zijn niet zichtbaar voor anderen. Je gegevens worden zonder je toestemming nergens voor gebruikt: je moet altijd zelf actie daarvoor nemen.

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